A list of courses, schools, and events that I am involved in. Mostly todo with image analysis and deep learning, typically taught to an audience of life-scientists.


EXCITE Summer School on Biomedical Imaging

31 August – 11 September 2020; ETH Zurich, Switzerland
This school is dedicated to teaching the basics of biomedical imaging alongside an overview of applications which are vital to understand recent advances and current challenges in biological and medical imaging.
Role: Lecturer

EMBO Practical Course: Advanced Methods in BioImage Analysis

3–9 October 2020; EMBL Heidelberg, Germany
This advanced course concentrates on teaching cutting-edge concepts and tools for quantitative image analysis, and will seek to upgrade the competencies of future bioimage analysis experts on both theoretical algorithm advancements as well as on practical implementation skills.
Roles: Co-organiser and teacher

ZIDAS 2020: switZerland’s Image and Data Analysis School

29 June – 3 July 2020; Lausanne, Switzerland
This one-week school provides a hands-on introduction to image processing and analysis, with an emphasis on biologically relevant examples.
Roles: Organiser and teacher

The 4th NEUBIAS Conference & Symposium

3–6 March 2020; Bordeaux, France
The 4th Annual Conference of NEUBIAS, gathering the whole BioImage Analysis Community.
Roles: Speaker (sattelite event), organiser (call4help)

EMBL Course: Deep Learning for Image Analysis

20–24 January 2020; EMBL Heidelberg, Germany
This is a blended learning course on Deep Learning for Image Analysis, consisting of 3 online sessions with associated hands-on exercises and a week-long onsite session at EMBL Heidelberg.
Role: Trainer


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