We apply advanced image & data analysis methods to answer questions in the life-sciences — in a quantitative and reproducible manner.

Research focus

Deep Learning applied to scientific images for restoration, segmentation, and classification.

Areas of expertise

Statistical & exploratory data analysis, bio-image analysis, mathematical modeling, deep learning.



Pomati lab — phytoplankton ecology
Weis lab — nuclear organisation and transport in yeast
Markus Künzler — fungal defense mechanisms
Halin lab — leukocyte migration in lumphatic vessels
Detmar lab — cancer genomics/pharmacogenomics
Nombela-Arrieta lab — experimental hematology
von Eckardstein lab — lipoproteins
Lucia Rohrer — high-content-screening of HDL/LDL uptake


Ted Cox
Frank Jülicher
Henrik Flyvbjerg
Erik Schäffer
Joe Howard
Francesco Pavone
Lene Oddershede
Kirstine Berg-Sørensen
Per Bak


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