A physicist by training, I started out in econo-physics (physics of complex systems), then switched to experimental single-molecule biophysics and cell-biology, and now focus on applying quantitative methods to questions and data from biology. Sub-focus: using artificial intelligence, i.e., deep-learning, for image restoration, object segmentation, and classification.

Job: Staff Scientist, ETH Zurich, Switzerland.
Roles: Teacher, group leader, research scientist.
Activity: Operating at the interface of physics, biology, and computer science.
Current focus: Applying deep-learning to scientific (biomedical) image and data analysis problems.


Niels Bohr Institute, Denmark, PhD in bio-physics, 2002
Brandeis University, MA, USA 2000–2001
Niels Bohr Institute, Denmark, MSc in econo-physics, 1999
Oxford University, UK, 1995–1996
Aarhus University, Denmark, BSc in mathematics and physics, 1997


ETH Zurich, Lecturer, 2015-present
ETH Zurich, Head of Image and Data Analysis Group, 2014–present
ETH Zurich, Head of Data Analysis Unit, 2012–2013
Self-employed, 2011–2012
Princeton University, Department of Molecular Biology, visiting fellow, 2007–2010
Max-Planck Institute for the Physics of Complex Systems, visiting scientist, 2004–2007
LENS (European Laboratory for Non-Linear Spectroscopy), post doc, 2003–2004


Simon F. Nørrelykke, PhD
ETH Zurich, Switzerland
Image and Data Analysis Group / ScopeM
HPZ G34.2
email: norsimon AT ethz.ch
tel. : +41 4463 30 759